We are sure that you are aware of the consequences of soil erosion on ocean-front property and the importance of Expert Sewer and Septic Excavating in Oregon Coast towns, including Astoria, Tillamook, Rockaway Beach, Manzanita, Pacific City, Lincoln City, Newport, Coos Bay, Florence, and any other town that has experience flooding or sea wall erosion. However we want you to have all the facts involved in erosion prevention.

Salmon River Contractors has developed this webpage to make you aware of why only the best grade of rock properly installed can protect your investment. You will have peace of mind and in the long run save many thousands of dollars, so please read on.


Sea Walls fail partly because the widely used Silt stone rock has fractured. Silt stone rock, regardless of size is too lightweight and has a texture that readily breaks into little pieces under pressure. Hence, its energy absorbing capabilities are compromised and in a few short years, will break down and will be washed out to sea.


Volconic Basalt rock is extremely hard and very heavy and is used by the Army Corps of Engineers in jetty construction. In a sea wall, like a jetty the size of rock used is important. Rock used in jetty building is larger than what is used typically for rip rap. A five to seven foot rock is needed to withstand the oceans constant force.


More rock is used under the larger stone. This rock is known as “chunky”. It too must be of the highest grade to be able to withstand the pounding surf. If it breaks down, it will turn to pebbles and mud causing the wall to fail.


Fragmented volcanic basalt rock used as chunky does not break down and wash away. Volcanic basalt rock, a fabric layer and large jetty grade rock combine to make an effective long lasting barrier against the ravages of the sea.


A well built sea wall should resemble the one in this picture. The slope is carefully designed to aid the Jetty grade rock to absorb the sea’s action. Salmon River Contractors is ready to help you.